Dear Corridor Week participants,

On November 6, 7 & 8 I was a guest of Corridor Week @Zuid-Holland. I am very happy the province of Zuid-Holland took the initiative to organise Corridor Week and I want to express my gratitude to the Commisioner of the King Jaap Smit and Regional minister Floor Vermeulen for being such a great host for all the multimodal and sustainable corridorevents that took place!

The motto of Corridor Week was to work towards a joint strategy for multimodal and sustainable corridors in #1eurodelta. I am very pleased to see that the partners from North Rine Westfalia, Flanders, European Parliament and the Netherlands are working together more closely and agree on concrete working agenda’s in the near future. This will stimulate improvements and investments in corridors in the Eurodelta and the Rhine-Alpine corridor as a whole. I support all partners to make the next step!

Best regards,

Pawel Wojciechowski
EC Coordinator Rhine-Alpine

What's the Corridor Week

During Corridor Week (from 6 to 8 November 2018), symposiums and other events have been planned on multimodality, clean transport and cross-border cooperation on international corridors. In several events and conferences, partners will attempt to take a step forward in international cooperation in this part of Europe: the Eurodelta.

At a time when the gas tap is closing, the last mine in the Ruhr area will close, the Silk Road is on the rise and the results of the Paris Climate Agreement have yet to become visible, it is important to guarantee the future of the Eurodelta. The Province of Zuid-Holland is hosting Corridor Week as an initiative to connect all parties,- and thus the corridors-, thereby uniting efforts in Flanders, North Rhine-Westphalia and the Dutch provinces of Gelderland, Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Overijssel and Zeeland into a single, strong Eurodelta network and initiating work towards a common agenda for corridors.

The Eurodelta consists of a variety of economic centres, which together are crucial to the economic performance of the Eurodelta. A sustainable and multimodal corridor approach can be achieved only by working together.

Corridor Week will serve as a platform in which policy-makers, entrepreneurs and researchers from the Eurodelta will contribute to a working agenda in the run-up to a single powerful Eurodelta network. Port companies, large business associations (VNO-NCW, Deltalinqs), provinces/regions, large municipalities and knowledge institutes are invited to show commitment to this network and the working agenda that will be adopted.